5 Reasons Why you’ll Love Joomla

Joomla is a powerful, award-winning open source CMS (content management system) that has its roots firmly grounded in the minds of designers and developers around the globe. Preferred by many, it is the CMS of choice for social networking websites, Ecommerce portals, enterprise networks, government websites, and even simple portfolios or blogs. This versatility has been the major reason for its steep rise in fame and popularity and its wide mainstream usage.Joomla (1)

Below are 5 points why you will love it, too:

1.) Versatile & User Friendly

As mentioned earlier, it can be used to design, develop and maintain a plethora of websites. The websites designed by it are very attractive and visually compelling. They make browsing and navigation easier and faster with the help of a clean layout, coherent structure and process flow and strategically-placed links. Also, Joomla is very user-friendly and thus saves a lot of time of developers. And once the website is complete, the owners can easily take it from there and maintain and update it regularly without the need to hire special IT staff for it.

2.) Flexible, Range of Plugins & Extensions

It allows access to its core code which can be changed at the developer’s wish to make anything out of the website. There are also thousands of free and premium plugins and extensions available to add unique functionality to the website and make it more interactive and intuitive.

3.) Easy Maintenance & Upgrading

It can easily be maintained and upgraded. What’s better, migration from other codes and CMSs is a piece of cake.

4.) Powerful Social Media Integration

Effective social media integration helps visitors spread the word if they like the website and its content, thus increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty.

5.) Robust & Cost Effective

Its code and architecture is very secure and fault-tolerant, and so are the websites it designs. Being free to use, requiring no license fee and having tons of free extensions, it is a very economical choice.

Choose Joomla for your website to create a powerful and resounding web presence.

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