5 Best Free Extensions for Joomla 3.x

Joomla offers tremendous amount of functionality through extensions. It not only makes development fun but also enriches the front-end of the website. Usually there are some extensions included in the starter package already. But the number of modules, extensions and plugins in the original package is kept to a bare minimum for ease of download and installation. However, you can add some of your own which are freely available to download and enhance the whole development experience. Thanks to the support that Joomla offers to third-party components, today there are countless extensions which are all of immense help.

Here we have shortlisted what we feel are the 5 best extensions and will add quality and usability to any project that you undertake.

JSN Power Admin

It is a free content management extension for Joomla. It helps the owner(s) or developer(s) to manage the website better and easily. It features a spotlight search that helps you find any content in the back-end. Website menus and menu items can be organized with a simple drag and drop functionality. Modules, articles and categories can be managed with a breeze. It also allows you to set the Admin session to infinite.

Component Creator

It helps you build your own Joomla components in minutes. The components can be built for both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0. You can create database tables and SQL codes, along with list and form views for every table. It provides form list and detail views for the front-end. It is a very SEO-friendly extension.

Advanced Module Manager

With this extension you can easily change how your original module looks like. It also gives you extra functionality like you can publish or change assignments for modules, edit the modules in the pop-up window itself, color code your modules for ease of listing.

Asynchronous Google Analytics Plugin

This plugin is efficient in increasing the speed of your website. With the help of this extension, the rest of the website will load while the analytics code is loading in the background and this increases the overall speed of loading. Packed with anonymous IP tracking, it has multiple sub domain support and it allows you to make changes to variables like user session and cookie expiry times.


It is a very useful Drag and Drop Page builder for Joomla. With this extension, you can build pages by simple drag and drop functionality. It is powered by jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3. With its help, you can add any type of content and you can also add social sharing.

Go ahead and try them, they’re free, fun and extremely useful!

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