10 Amazing New Features of Joomla 3.2

Fatures of Joomla 3.2

Joomla 3.2 was announced a stable release on November 6, 2013, by the Joomla Project and Community. It boasted of being the hugest release of the popular content management system, with 600 new features and bug fixes. Here are 10 of the major new feature that the new release features:

Joomla App Store

Previously, installing any extension would be a rather taxing job. Thanks to the new App Store, now all you need to do is to research the extension you want to install, and then install it directly from your admin panel.

Content Versioning
The new release will create new versions of the content each time you make a change and save it accordingly. What’s better, you can go back to any version and then work upon it.

Better Interface

The interface is richer, cleaner and much simpler than before, therefore helping both beginners and experts alike. It is also way faster than the previous one, therefore improving the development speed greatly. The interface has been made minimalistic, removing unnecessary elements in it and the columns and groups have been made much more accessible.

New Template System

The template manager is new and refurbished so now you can simply code, add, edit any file or override anything from the panel itself without any FTP access. The libraries for JQuery, Bootstrap, etc have been updated and more new icons have been added to the icon list.

Rapid Application Framework

The Rapid Application Development (RAD) framework has been included in the core of Joomla 3.x. Third party development within it are now faster than ever.

Access Control

Access control is available for modules too. The users can edit directly from the front end for all the modules or for selected modules. It puts you right in control.

Multilingual Support

An automatic multilingual site generator has been included in the installation process itself.

Better Security

The password format is now BCRYPT and the two factors authentication. There will be two reference and fully functional plugins implementing TFA using Google Authenticator and YubiKey respectively.


The Debug mode can now be enabled, which will allow only the Super user to see the info, which includes SQL Explain, profile and call stack.

TinyMCE 4.0.5 Update

There are a number of code changes and an updated and improved interface in the TinyMCE 4.0. A dropdown menu hides some complex settings.

These latest Joomla version was expected to be something big and now, with all these features, it is also expected to be much more popular than ever before.

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