10 Best and Must-Have Extensions for Joomla 3.x Website Development

Joomla is already well-known for its multilingual capacity and its capabilities to create social networks and communities like forums and newsrooms. It powers some of the most popular and most-visited websites in the world and has been downloaded multimillion times. The latest version, Joomla 3.x, is a responsive version based on Twitter’s bootstrap framework. Web development with Joomla 3.x has become a lot easier and faster. It is a developer-friendly program that adds supports a number of extensions that make development much more effective than ever before. While there are thousands of extensions that make a developer’s life easier and the website a lot better and more attractive, here is a summary of the 10 most important plugins that should be integral part of every developer’s repository.

joomla 3X Extensions


The most powerful and reliable email marketing solution for Joomla, Acymailing is an extension you’d love to download if you’re looking forward to shooting promotional emails to your past, present and prospective clients. It can be pitted against other professional mailing solutions like MailChimp. It lets you create email templates, manage bulk subscription and mailing lists, preview and send customized newsletters. The queue system that is used in mailing manages multiple subscriptions, validates emails before sending and also features delivery confirmation. You can import your contacts in multiple formats including CSV. It supports well over 40 languages from across the globe.

Joomla Content Editor

The Joomla Content Editor (JCE), as the name suggests, is an extension that brings in a powerful WYSIWYG editor to manage, edit and present your content in a simple and effective fashion like WordPress. This is the best content customization option available on the block. It has features like inserting and managing media files and controlling the access levels, and just works right out of the box. It is also further extendible, which makes it the most sought-after content editor for Joomla.


With an inbuilt Google Analytics dashboard, this is a powerful all-in-one SEO extension. It also comes with social sharing options and security features that block spam and protects against hacking. It helps in making your URLs search engine-friendly, rewrite the Meta and insert Headline tags. It handles redirections like 301 and 404 very easily and effectively.


Xmap is a sitemap generator that automatically generates sitemaps that are compatible with all major search engines like Google, Bing , and Yahoo. You can set the preference level for each search engine. For larger websites that draw huge traffic, it has a great cache system for developing sitemaps quicker.


It is a social media solution for Joomla that provides social media widgets and a number of social media integration features like registration and login through the user’s Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts. You can also perform Facebook Open Graph Actions like posting automatically to the users’ Facebook profile whenever they do any activity on your website.

Akeeba Backup

It is an extended version of JoomlaPack that backs up data while maintaining the safety and security of your website. It is Ajax-powered and therefore server timeouts even on high traffic websites will not affect it. It offers a one-click backup in an archive that is compressed and contains the files along with a snapshot and a simple installer.


It is a simple and effective extension that allows you to create a professional-looking blog for your website with the snap of your fingers. It also provides social media integration.

Advanced Module Manager

This extension allows you to have control over all your Joomla modules. You can also edit and manage the menu items, show or hide items and give them distinctive colors.


This is a content construction kit (CCK) with rich content forms for items and extra fields for integrating text content for converting your website into a news or magazine website that feature author blogs. This is automatically integrated with Google Ajax search engine and Captcha.

Admin Tools Professional

This is an extension by Akeeba that helps protect your website from spam, hack and other security threats.

These 10 extensions will make your Joomla website come alive with attractive features and be at par with the best websites in the world.

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