Why Joomla Support Services are Essential for any Organization?


Joomla is an excellent content management system, and many have opted to use the joomla platform for their personal, business or organizational websites. Because of easy to use CMS, Joomla has been used by both professionals as well as people with least computer knowledge. But it is not necessary that your joomla website will run smoothly at all times. There are bound to be some technical fall-outs which need immediate support. If the downtime takes time or if there is no instant solution, there are great chances of loss of data, including money, productivity and even business growth opportunities. That is why for any organization using the joomla platform, joomla support services by professional companies are very essential. Website support should be regarded as an important business requirement.

Joomla Support Services

Most joomla support service providers provide the following services to its customers:

  • Resetting the administrator password
  • To stop duplicate URLS created from sub menus
  • To stop duplicate page titles created from modules
  • To formatting correctly htaccess files
  • To set file caching
  • To fix broken templates
  • To fix templates when the upgrade is wrong
  • To fix hacked sites
  • To structure new content
  • Up-dations of site codes
  • Moving sites to new server or hot
  • To look into security issues etc.

Why joomla support is essential?

There are many sites which are built wrong. There are many sites which require up-gradation with new widgets, there are many websites which are using obsolete extensions. Such joomla sites often stop working and also become victims of hackers. Proper website maintenance is required time-to-time even if there are no technical problems. Joomla platforms and components also need to be updated at regular intervals. That is why joomla support services are important as these support services can help in preventing problems, and thereby saves you time and money. These support services can also help in Joomla set up and configuration, customization and components integration. The professional support can also help in maintaining your website’s security through a number of measures. A pro-active management of a joomla website through expert joomla support services ensures that your website is secured and thereby your organization is in safe hands.

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