Want to Hire a Joomla Developer? Make Sure You’re Not Making These Common Mistakes

Joomla is in explosive demand nowadays. A lot of it can be attributed to the fact that it can design and develop any kind of website needed, be it social media and networking websites, ecommerce portals, corporate enterprise networks, magazine and news publication websites, government websites, institutional portals, multimedia websites, portfolios, and even personal blogs. But this vast amount of versatility is just one thing. Another major advantage is the number of features and benefits that it offers. It is not only versatile but also secure, robust, scalable, extendible, is backed by a huge community, has the option of building a responsive website, has endless extensions available, facilitates user interaction, provides a clean, intuitive design, provides contact management, multilingual support and content syndication too. And add to that the fact that it is available to download and use for free, and it becomes completely irresistible. However, to make the most of this wonder CMS, you need to make sure you hire a Joomla developer who is experienced and knows exactly how to get the best out of it.

Hire Joomla Developer

Top Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Here are a few common mistakes that clients make when hiring a Joomla developer, and how you can avoid these common pitfalls.

Cost Over Quality

You can save money initially by choosing cheap development services initially, but in the long run you will lose a lot of money. A huge lot of it. Because clients will not like to revisit that weirdly designed website where the text, images and menus are all crammed up together somehow. And later on, your competitor websites will attract all the traffic, generate all the leads and convert all the sales because they spent an extra penny to provide users with a distinctive website design that really appeals to them and provides all the information they need to know about the company, its products and its services in a much more interactive, intuitive and organized manner. Your website also opens in a horrible manner if viewed on any other device apart from the laptop, like a tablet, a smartphone or a regular phone, while the competitor has a beautiful responsive website that can be viewed brilliantly across the entire spectrum of devices. Don’t ever make this mistake, spend more initially and rake in the moolah later. After all, we’re fortunate that a thing called return on investment (ROI) exists.

Improper Communication

Not communicating your needs, requirements and ideas to the developer(s) is the surest way to make a highly potent project fail miserably. Be clear, be specific and elaborate properly. You need to make sure that everyone in the company, from the Project Manager to the tester knows exactly what you want from the website. Only then will you be able get a good website developed.

Not Researching

I have said this repeatedly before, not researching about the company you are going to hire is like ending up in a country you know nothing about. You need to research about the targeted company from their website and then personally with their personnel. Latter, you also need to compare its plans and pricing with its competitors. Then you must research more deeply about the companies, having a long, in-depth look at their portfolios and then zeroing in a company.

You can easily avoid the above common pitfalls the next time you’re out hire a Joomla developer.

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