The Qualities to Look for in a Joomla Website Development Company

Joomla Website Development

With the increase in the number of Joomla websites, the number of companies providing website development has also gone up exponentially. As a matter of fact, almost every company that provides open source web development services also provides website development in Joomla. It becomes difficult to choose the right one amongst so many companies that have similar service catalogues and highly competitive prices. But there are some distinctive features that separate the great companies from the good ones and the bad ones. Here are a few parameters on which to judge the companies and decide which one is the perfect one to build your business website.

  • Support

This is the most important parameter of all. Many companies make false promises of quality support after service is availed but shy away from it as soon as the sale is concluded, and especially after the website has been completed and deployed. The company should be reputed for its support, because many a time clients face issues with the website once it gets running.

  • Service Customization

The company should be willing to go that extra mile to provide the services you need and not vehemently stick to their catalogue. Supposing you want to remove one service from a particular package and wish to avail another one from a second package, then company should under no circumstances refuse.

  • Communication & Reporting

Proper, regular communication between the project manager/account manager and the client is necessary, and if need be then between the client and the developer(s) too. This is very essential for the proper development of any website and the successful conclusion of any project.

  • Experience of Developers

Every company has a mix of experienced and relatively new developers. You job is to find the one that has the richest pool of talent. You should try to get at least one very experienced developer on board in your project. You should also visit the company’s portfolio in order to decide whether you like the work of a company or not.

When looking for a Joomla website development company, choosing the perfect company for your website is more important than choosing the best company. So follow these simple tips and make a wise choice.

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