The Great, the Good and the Not-So-Good of Joomla Development


Joomla is a widely-recognized content management system. The capabilities of this CMS are practically limitless. However, everything has its pros and cons. Here’s a brief snapshot of what to expect when you choose Joomla development.

The Great

The major advantages of Joomla are:

  • It can build any type of website you need from scratch. Ecommerce portal, social networking website, community forums, government or institutional website, multimedia website, or even portfolios or personal blogs, it does it all for you.
  • It is free of cost and available for download and use on any type of website that you need. This brings down the cost of development by a huge margin.
  • It manages huge bulks of data very efficiently. Built on the solid core of PHP, scalability is never an issue for it and neither is security. Therefore, it can build and maintain enterprise resource websites brilliantly.
  • There are countless resources available for it. There are free and premium templates available for it, and also thousands of ready-to-use plugins and extensions. Not only do they give the website a clean layout and distinctive look but also serve the purpose of adding functionality and interactivity to the website.
  • It builds modern responsive, dynamic and interactive websites. They open brilliantly on all types of static and mobile devices.

The Good

  • It is easy to add, delete or edit the data and images on the websites built by it. Therefore, the content on the website can be updated as often as needed, therefore giving it a good reputation and traffic.
  • Social media can be integrated in the website easily, thereby making it popular all over the online community.
  • Websites built on it have a quicker loading time and a cleaner interface, which together combine to provide a great user experience.
  • Google and other major search engines give preference to websites built with it over static ones and therefore those websites rank higher.

The Not-So-Good

  • Updating the website too often by untrained people can make the entire website crumble within seconds or make it completely different to what the designer intended.
  • There are too many extensions available, and sometimes it becomes hard to tell which one will actually perform well.
  • Professional developers are almost certain to design their own template. So an excellent website designed with it cannot be determined to have been built with it at the first glance. Or even the second one.
  • It faces some really tough competition from its two biggest rivals – WordPress and Drupal. While WordPress pips it with its much easier user interface and overall popularity, Drupal beats it hands-down in capability, speed and functionality.

As mentioned earlier, everything comes with its pros and cons. But choosing Joomla development for your business website is a wise choice with many benefits to offer.

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