Features That Make Joomla an Ideal Choice for Website Owners


Managing a website has become an easy affair with Joomla, that is a perfect content management system (CMS). Even a layman can efficiently manage the overall look and feel of his website without any hassle. With Joomla, adding, deleting or editing of content, videos, audio files etc has become an easy task. Let us have a look at some of the features that make Joomla an ideal choice for website owners.

You Do Not Have to Pay: This is one of the best features of Joomla. It is free of cost, which means that you can avail the service without paying. This is a great option as you can experiment with your website without spending a single penny.

Open Source CMS: The CMS, Joomla technology is an open CMS. It has been released under GNU general public license. The source of Joomla can be viewed by anyone and can also be modified by anyone.

Multilingual: One of the best features of this CMS is its multilingual support. This means that people can use the CMS in any language. Also, various components can translate the contents of the website into different languages. Now it is easy for a user to generate a website having content in more than two languages at the same time.

Up-To-Date: The developers update Joomla from time to time. This means you are making use of the latest technology and are working in a CMS that is secure and reliable.

Friendly Search Engine: This is a CMS which is search engine friendly. The CMS allows the user to make use of custom page title, meta keyword, meta description. By making use of these features, a website owner can make this website search engine friendly.

Wide Extension Gallery: With Joomla’s unique framework, it is much easier to develop extensions. The popular Joomla extensions available are Module, Component and Plugin. Apart from these, you can also find extensions on Joomla official site.

Can Be Managed Easily: Once you have developed and launched your website, you can easily manage it on a daily basis. The content of the website can be edited, removed or added as per your requirements. Not only this, you can also add images, audio files and video files to your website as per your requirements.

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