An Overview on the Features of Joomla Web Development


Joomla today is one of the most popular content management systems. Developers use it for managing, organizing and publishing content on blogging websites, mobile applications and intranets. It has a scalable Model View Controller architecture which makes it a reliable base for supporting web applications. Due to the widespread use of Joomla, there is a consistently high demand for Joomla web development companies in India.

Joomla supports about 3 percent of Websites. Its share in CMS market is above 9%. Presence of thousands of governmental and non-governmental organizations, large and small businesses, and non-profitable firms is attributed to Joomla. An international community comprising of about half million contributors is behind this content management system. From inexperienced beginners to experienced users, any person can make use of this system and change his/her dreams into reality in the digital world.

Following are some excellent features of Joomla:

Multiple Languages

Joomla is a multilingual platform for content management systems. It provides more than 64 languages to developers. This way they can present their websites in numerous languages without using any option other than those offered by Joomla core software. It thus increases the accessibility of website and enhances its capabilities. Websites that are presented in multiple languages can attract a large number of users.

Reliable Support

The international community which supports Joomla comprises of several teams. In each team, there are tech-savvy software developers and clever business consultants. These people offer help whenever needed. One can find thousands Joomla service providers across the world, and take their advice on building and maintaining Joomla products. These service providers also help to promote products in market.

Upgrades are Simple Enough

Keeping a software up to date is a big challenge. With Joomla, this task is very simple, It has a feature called “One Click Version Update”. Regardless of skill level, one can easily update Joomla with the help of this feature. An automated checker has been incorporated in the in-built updater. It notifies the user whenever updates are needed. To keep your web assets safe, you need to update your website. Joomla provides the tools to do it without any hassle.

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