5 Top Reasons to Choose Joomla

Think of a content management system and you’re probably thinking of Joomla is well. It is not only an awarded and free open source CMS but is also the most widely used one after WordPress. There are no prizes for guessing that it is purely because of the numerous benefits it offers that it is so widely used and appreciated. Here are the top five reasons why you might consider choosing it for your business.

Top 5 Reasons

1.) Free

First and foremost, this incredibly versatile CMS is completely free of cost. The reason that this feature is on the top of the pile is that most business owners are apprehensive about putting too much money in their professional website and therefore this gives them the option to get a brilliant website at very low costs, which actually includes only the developmental costs.

2.) Versatile

It can build practically anything for you, from complex ecommerce websites and web stores to simple blogs and portfolios. There are many web designers and developers also available to do the job for you. It suits your requirement completely and you will never go empty-handed if you use it to build your website.

3.) Secure

Built on the extremely secure and powerful PHP architecture, this CMS is bang-on when it comes to security. This keeps your website and all of its data safe from intrusion, threats and attacks. It also handles large chunks of traffic very efficiently and therefore you can be rest assured about the up-time every single day.

4.) Support

It is one of the most widely-supported CMSs. It has a large community of developers, coders and experts who maintain forums and discussion groups for queries, help and support topics. There is also a dedicate community of developers who release a new version of this versatile CMS in a regular release cycle. This makes it one of the most popular CMSs that is easy to use and also boasts of a lot of support should you ever get stuck during the development process.

5.) Resources

There are thousands and thousands of resources available in its repository. Just like you may expect, most of them are free of cost, while some are premium as well. But even the free ones are of exceptionally high quality and can be used more often than not, unless you’re looking for something really specific. And if you want something even more unique, you can always go for custom development to tweak the existing templates and extensions or develop new ones from scratch. The click-to-install feature is also quite impressive in a marketplace that provides an App Store-like experience for users.

Choose Joomla to get the best of the web and make your website really stand out.

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