4 Types of Websites Joomla Development Builds Best

Joomla Development

We are all familiar with the versatility that Joomla development possesses. Known for efficient handling of large volumes of data, it is capable of building practically any and every website possible. This is made due to the superior PHP backend that handles any task at hand, and the countless plugins and extensions available that are capable of adding any functionality to the website. Here is a list of the 4 types of websites that Joomla builds and maintains really well.

Social Networking Website

The immense number of community plugins and discussion boards offered by the CMS makes it a really good choice for social networks. You can add newsrooms, discussion forums, user profiles, and a hoard of other features. In fact, there is no other open source content management system that is as good as Joomla at managing a social networking website.

News and Magazine Website

The fact that you can add, delete or edit text and images easily with the help of Joomla and organize it properly for easy updating and retrieval makes it the ideal content management system for websites that require large data handling on a daily basis. News and magazine websites are such websites. Many popular media website need to add and update large chunks of data every single day, and sometimes every hour, which is why this CMS is the ideal choice for them. There are many free and premium news and magazine templates available that give these websites a very professional and organized look. You can customize the template to make it similar to the branding of your magazine, newspaper or TV channel. You can also sort the data items into various categories and assort them under specific tags for easy linking.

Government and Institutional Website

Many highly reputed websites, like the official website of Harvard University – The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, use Joomla to build and maintain their website, and many others have transferred their website to this revered CMS from a static HTML website. The data on these websites is immensely secure due to the rock-solid PHP backend, so there is no threat of illegal intrusion or attack. The security features and additional extensions also protect the website against viruses and malware attacks. The ability to set different access levels for users prevents unauthorized access and security breaches at both front end and back end.

Ecommerce Website

With the help of shopping cart plug-in and other similar extensions, Joomla can build a fully-functional ecommerce store. The store can have all the functionalities that are expected from a world class online store, like shopping cart, wishlist, compare feature, and offer viewing. The easy payment integration allows quick checkout and easy and secure payment.

Choose Joomla development to give your business the boost of a powerful website to communicate with your customers.

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