The 3-P Rule to Choose a Good Joomla Development Company in India

Joomla Development

The search for a Joomla development company in India can be completely baffling and arduous. You need to skim through a large number of companies offering the same of similar services in very innovative and competitive manner. In such a scenario, you wonder if there is any foolproof way to determine which company will serve you well. Well, you’re in luck, because we just invented a 3-P rule to help you make the tough decision easily. Before zeroing in upon any particular company, you need to have a long, close look at 3 integral Ps of the company and then draw up a conclusion. Here are those 3 Ps and how important they are in your decision making.

1 – Portfolio

First and foremost, you need to have a long, close look at the portfolio of the company. You need to make sure that the work they have done looks satisfactory to you. This includes the overall design, user interface and experience, and the extensions used on the website to make it user-friendly and interactive. Only when you thoroughly liken the portfolio should you proceed to the next step.

Importance: The portfolio is extremely important because the kind of work the company has done in the past will determine the kind of work that it will do for you. There definitely will be slight improvements in the quality, thanks to the experience that the developers have gained over the course of this period, but expect nothing very dramatically improved.

2 – Packages

The packages offered by the company have an incredible amount of impact on how your website will ultimately turn out to be. The number and types of services offered by the company and their method of providing them will decide how well your website will become. This includes the basic design and development and custom development.

Importance: The major importance of packages in terms of service provisioning lies in customization. Usually, companies have pre-defined packages in their catalogue for you to choose from. The services in those packages should match your requirements. The type of package you ultimately choose depends a lot on the services you need and the budget you have at your disposal. However, if none of the packages really suits your exact demand, then you should ask for customized packages.

3 – Pricing

The pricing is a factor which is solely in your own hands. This is basically the budget at your disposal and how you plan to spend it. If you are the owner of the website then you might have a clearer picture of exactly who much you have that you can spend. However, if you are representing an organization then you may have to explain the benefits of spending well on your website before being allotted a thick wallet.

Importance: The main thing to remember here is to never compromise on quality for money. A high quality website with all the features might cost you a little more now but will offers greater return on investment and will benefit your business well later on. You should always go for a responsive website packed with all the features that the website users will find useful.

Follow this simple 3-P rule and make the right choice when choosing a Joomla development company in India for your website.

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