Why Joomla CMS Web Development Is the Right Choice For Your Website

Joomla CMS Development

Joomla is a revolutionary, award winning product, popular for its ease-of-use and for the way it manages web content like blogs, web pages, search features, etc.

How Are Joomla and Other Commercial CMS Solutions Different

Contrary to other commercial solutions that offer a number of different versions, there is just one all inclusive version of Joomla and that too is available freely. It offers an amazing number of extensions that are currently amounting to more than 7000, unlike other commercial CMS solutions that boasts of a vast number of modules with having just upto 80 modules.

Another proof of Joomla’s success is that it has been downloaded all over the world, more than 43 million times, making it one of the most favored CMS platform for web development.

Following are some benefits of using Joomla:

  • It Is a Free Open Source CMS: One of the main reasons why Joomla is widely used is that it is open source, meaning its base core system is free, making it a very popular CMS.

  • Easy Maintenance: Websites developed with the help of Joomla are easy to manage, as they allow users to handle content, web-pages, articles, etc. With the help of a secured administering system. The editor window is one of the best features, as it is easy to create, hide and delete window.

  • Easy Installation: As it is open source and is available free of cost, it can be easily downloaded, the script can be easily run on the server, and it is done.

  • Easy to Navigate: The websites are easy to navigate, as they provide a good method of organizing the website in a convenient manner. The layout is quite attractive, which can attract new customers to your website.

  • Accessibility and Usability: Joomla can be used to develop numerous websites, ranging from a personal blog to corporate websites, as it offers a number of tools to develop websites. No technical background or knowledge is required to develop a website using Joomla.

  • SEO Features: It is important for websites to follow SEO standards, in order to rank higher on search engines. There are a number of in-built SEO aspects in Joomla, which help in taking your website to the top position of different search engines.

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